Few divers will ever reach this highly prestigious level of certification. Only the most committed to the sport can accomplish over 5000 dives.  In fact, this level can only be received by application and review by the Platinum Pro 5000 Committee, which consists of SSI, Skin Diver Magazine and other other industry leaders.


Mike Tyler   SSI IT/IC since 1987
  Certified SSI Instructor since 1979
  Certified PADI Instructor since 1981
  IANTD EANx Instructor since 1998

SSI Platinum Pro 5000 Instructor Recipiant - 2013  
SSI Platinum Pro 1000 Instructor Recipient - 1994
  SSI Platinum Pro 5000 Diver Recipient - 1999
  SSI Platinum Pro 1000 Diver Recipient - 1993
  Certified Diver since 1976
  Diving since 1967